REVO technik performance software unleashes the true potential of your Volkswagen or Audi, improving power, torque, drivability and responsiveness.

Revo software works within factory safety parameters whilst retaining smoothness, reliability and fuel economy. Revo always works in harmony with your vehicle.

Trial software is available for the non-believers, the trial software gives the driver a taste of his car’s full potential.

The software lasts for 5hours driving time and is typically 80% of stage one.
The ECU reverts to standard performance settings when time has expired.
For more info visit www.revotechnik.com


A full visual and fault check is done via the diagnostics port (OBDII) prior to the software being loaded. If no faults are logged, we then load the revo technik software to your ECU.

The car is then tested in real world conditions and the variable settings within the software are set up to suit the car.

No engine components are tampered with during the process (stage one only)